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Celebrating some of the lives that Shade Tree Ministries has blessed.

"Mark and Sheila,

Sometimes things just don't get said well with words--like what it's like to come to Shade Tree for rest, renewal and having prime time with the Lord.  Only God knows the baggage and burdens that pilgrims come home with, but you two have such an amazing way of just being His hands and heart to serve, so that God can do what only he can do.  You two are so gracious and certainly God's chosen ones for this place of refuge. Blessings on all you do for His glory. "


Don and Shannan



"We sat beneath the Shade Tree, we laughed, we cried, we ate, we napped, we loved, and we were loved on. Thank you Mark and Sheila, for your ministry. Thank you for listening to God's heart and obeying his call.  Many weary Shepherds will catch their breath by these quiet waters, under Shade Tree Ministry and they, like us, will leave refreshed, renewed, revived and ready to press on with the sheep God has entrusted to them. May God bless you both richly! We are grateful! We love you!"


Hub and Brenda



"Mark and Sheila, We have been blessed these past few days. Words can't describe the happiness of our hearts. First of all, we want to say thanks for y'all's wisdom. What a blessing. Secondly, the encouragement was out of this world. Thirdly, the Christ like examples that you all have been lets us know that God is truly working through Shade Tree Ministries. Therefore, I would not change a thing. Plus, the food was awesome, I'm going to have to fast for a week. Y'all have made this our best Anniversary thus far!


James and Kim



"My wife and I recently stayed at the beautiful lakefront home of Mark and Sheila Bagwell for 5 days and 4 nights, through Shade Tree Ministries. The entire time we were there, Mark and Sheila provided us with an upstairs bedroom with our own bathroom, delicious home-cooked meals, hospitality, listening ears, encouragement, counsel, kindness, love, friendship, and prayers. Everything was provided to us at no charge. 


Mark and Sheila gave us complete freedom as to our time and space and what we wanted to do, but they generously made themselves available to us at a time when we needed counsel and support. The Lord blessed, encouraged, and refreshed us through their ministry of faithfully serving the Lord by serving pastors and their wives. We highly recommend Shade Tree Ministries to any pastor and wife who just need time away for refreshment, or for those who need a listening ear."

David and Janie


“Thank for allowing us to come and stay at your beautiful home. Once again, we loved our time sharing meals together, telling stories, praying with one another, and resting on the dock and on the porch. It means so much to us to be welcomed into your family. Your marriage, ministry and family inspires us."


Anthony and Brittany

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